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These friends have pulled powerful forces together.
Vocally and instrumentally stripped-down and full
at the same time, can hear the "parts" and the whole.
Both are lead vocalists, each bringing his broad repertoire,
covering nearly every genre: R&B, C&W, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Standards...
...they're all over the road.

All of this is done with great attention to the mix, tone, and volume...
a sort of  "acoustic" approach...that features great playing, feel, and outstanding vocals.
With the addition of bassist J.Kelleher, the arrangements grow, almost exponentially.

                                                                      ...It's a great vibe and their fun is infectious.


Just before high school graduation, Jeff Watson (Vocals/Harmonicas) signed his first recording contract with Capitol Records and moved to New York. The recording received critical acclaim from both Billboard and Variety Magazine and Jeff was honored by Cash Box Magazine as a Featured New Artist.  While in New York, Jeff also signed contracts with Sceptre and Columbia.
The record deal with Columbia was particularly sweet: he got the first 12 for (
plus $1.89 S&H), agreeing to get 8 more over the next two years
at the regular price.

Since then, he has secured himself a place as a "Singer's Singer" and a member of this region's musical elite. Jeff's deeply soulful and "always-on" vocals have blessed the ears of those at the Washington Opera Society, The New York Town Hall, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the National Symphony Orchestra. Jeff has shared the stage or opened for many national acts including the Miles Davis Group, Elvin Jones, JR. Walker, The Band, The Georgia Satellites, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Tina Turner, Huey Lewis, and many more. He is a welcomed guest singer alongside such local Washington D.C. talent as Mary Ann Redmond, Brian Fox, Junior Cline, Al Williams, The Bandhouse Concerts, and is the featured singer and contributing songwriter for
The Texas Chainsaw Horns.
Jeff also has recording credits with some of these ensembles and many other D.C.and regional acts.

 In addition to the club and concert circuit with Downtown, The Fabulous Exaggerat!ons, and The Texas Chainsaw Horns, he has performed solo concerts in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, thus making him internationally unknown.
In addition, Jeff has continually offered his service to raise money for charities such as
March of Dimes, Sunshine Foundation,
The Make a Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots,
and The Red Cross .

Jeff's natural groove, timing, and talent are
second only 
to his joy of singing.
That's his instrument, and he came to play.

Steve Hudson (Guitars/Vocals) has carved himself into the funnybones of America as a blackbelt musician who has achieved a high degree of comic consciousness:
he demonstrates just how dangerous a guitar
and piano can be in the right hands. 

Formerly based in Los Angeles, Steve headlined popular West Coast & national comedy venues, as well as international Corporate events, and hundreds of College concerts, but his deft ability to mix comedy and music had made him a smash opener for Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, and comedians Rodney Dangefield, Brad Garrett, and Steve Harvey. He brings to the stage his genuine enthusiasm, smart & original comedy, and a serious musical ability that give his performances an amazing 3-dimensionality.

Prior to being an admitted comedian, Steve was a much-requested studio & stage musician, versed in a variety of musical genre: Classical to Jazz, Rock to Ragtime, Wagon Train to Soul Train. He's played pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, organ, synths, trombones, dollar bills,...the kid's a natural. He brings this broad versatility, clear sense of instrument voicing, and the rhythmn of ensemble performance, to Watson!Hudson!, giving them a fullness uncommon to acoustic acts.

As music-writer and producer, he has been involved in recording projects as varied as scoring & narrating a collection of Children's stories by author Celeste White, to his own highly regarded, comedic music album, Pick of the Litter, and his ability is as natural and as beautifully timed as his comedy. 

Steve has now brings his cerebral juggling act back to his native Virginia, just outside Washington, DC....and he hasn't traveled all this way with his eyes closed either. 

Steve Hudson sticks his hands into the little cracks of life, pulls out the funny stuff, and creates a very digable art.

Jeff WatsonSteve Hudson

Jeff  Watson
Vocals, Harmonica
Steve Hudson
Vocals, Guitars, Keys
or  703.216.1248


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