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Steve, Ry & Her Steve, Heather, and Ty


1... Steve & Michelle w/ J.Kelleher/bass at National Harbor, Sept. 29, 5p-7p:

Corner of Waterfront St and Mariner Passage
across the intersection from
164 Waterfront Street, Oxon Hill, MD

(click image for Google map)



A few live Cowboys & Hippies from JV's:

You're No Good
Hey, Soul Sister
Love Alive
Stop Dragging My Heart Around

1... Cowboys & Hippies at JVs, Oct. 28, 5p-7p:








3... Julie Williams :

Julie is Nationwide, now. Out of her homebase in Nashville,
she's performing with the collective show, Black Opry,
as we as her own shows, including The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville.






4...The Super Awesome Exaggerations at their last gig...

...various reactions to shellfish.



5...Gigs are on the "In Concert" page...


6...The Robinson Rams Alumnae at the Special Olympics...

Va. State Soccer Championship!
Virginia Beach



6. Steve's 2nd YouTube... CoWork Cafe/Clarendon , soundcheck


ville, VA

7. Steve's First YouTube... The Birchmere, FoDA Concert


The Friends of Dave Allen Show at the Birchmere.
This is me with Gantt Kushner, Paul Bell, Steuart Smith,
Hans Zeigler, and Paul White.





6. Cao...

...and Cao (KAY-oh) 1/09, as a pup.


Cao zzzzzz




8. Autumn at the ranch...

Heather & Wyley in the backyard.



Clifton Day. Our town swells to 25,000


Ty, at 10, turns to watch our friend, Mark Hutchins, take off from the Martinsburg Airshow






9. The Exaggerations have been sunset-ed...


The Exaggerations have a flash site with live recordings, too.








Feeding the pigs




Millenium Twanger

Finally, enough questions have been asked 
about Stevie's instruments and musical history
to have a page for answers.
This is terribly geek/musician/gearhead stuff, and 
and could be perceived as showing off.
I appologize in advance.

Here's a cool Musical tool:
A Transposer Tool to help you talk to
Sax & Horn players


And now, the virtual wallet photos

Park the boots...

Wytana Ranch
Fairfax Station, VA


..We had a pumpkn go bad..


Steve & his dad, Cy.



Labor Day weekend 2005

Ty with Ballard


9. Crossing...

Xing is all of the tunes from Pick of the Litterand
the two stories for children read and scored by me
Air, Land, & Sea and Willy J. & the Werebunny.

They are now being burned, printed,
packaged, and numbered by hand prior to
a mass produced release.

I'm proud of both of these studio efforts and
they really work well together as one CD.
Xing is only $15 and, as always, 
if there is a sonic or psychological problem with this, or any, Panic Recording, return the unused portion of the product...
for the unused portion of your money.

Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you a CD.
Also visit the lyric site.


Stop That Man
Lazy Bones
Holy Moly
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blues

(I can See) Forever In Your Eyes

8. The view from the bridge...



9.The fabulous Exaggerat!ons...

 Pulling out the stops. Try to find us on the 
In Concert page.


10. The Fabulous DataWrangler...

Steve Hudson : Data Wrangler Computer database applications, built originally for Production houses & Equipment Rental companies to fit their specific needs, have grown to include features such as:

  • PO creation, tracking
  • Inventory and asset management.
  • Shipment logistics
  • Manifests/Bill-of-lading
  • Customs declarations and form creation.
  • Warehouse and operations Expense tracking
  • Track Funding and Funding vehicles
  • Provides reporting by Division, Project Code,
    Line-of-business, Client, etc. .
  • Tracks Contract line items.
  • Fiscal Year Financial tracking
  • Job Assignment
  • Task flow and Job-tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Sales and Job quality-control analysis
  • Client Order Tracking
  • Employee Timesheet entry and tracking
  • Bonus point tracking...

...and more .

The Data Wrangler applications are custom-built Client/Servers to track a variety of business processes and are being used by several sectors of the FAA (including Finance, Contracts, Logistics, and Air Terminal Operations), The Pentagon (Employee Referal Service), as well as Private companies.

 I'd love to build you one. I'll set up a demo.
I'll even put you in touch with my customers.

more later, 



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