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On top of Mt. Diablo, CA
3,880 feet

Wednesday, August 13: Fly from Dulles (IAD) to Los Angeles (LAX)

  • (A) Visited my Mom's good old friends in Encino
  • Pink's for a hotdog
  • Jim Henson (Muppets) Studios, originally Charlie Chaplin's Studio
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Sunset Boulevard, The Comedy store (where my dad did shows), The Roxy
  • Hollywood Boulevard, Gramman's Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame
  • Beverly Hills
  • Venice Beach and pier
  • Spent the night in Marina Del Rey

Thursday, 8/14

  • Swim & Hot tub at the hotel.
  • Santa Monica Beach and Pier, Zoltar, Pac-Man
  • The gate to Miley Cyrus's house, Tuluca Lake
  • Universal Studio, Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and Cartoon Network Studios
  • The front gate of 6 Flags Magic Mountain
  • The Mojave Desert
  • Spent the night in Ridgecrest (China Lake/Mojave Desert)

Friday, 8/15

  • Drove up the eastern side of the Sierra Mountains
  • (C) Breakfast in Lone Pine
  • (E) Entered Yosemite Park from the Eastern gate, through Tioga Pass (9,945 feet)
  • (G) Yosemite Villiage: El Capitan, Angel Falls, Half Dome
  • (H) Spent the night at The Narrow Gauge Inn in Fish Camp, CA

Saturday, 8/16

  • (I) Drove through the western Sierra foothills then down...
  • (J) into the Central Valley (farms, crops, and orchards)
  • (K) San Luis Reservoir (gigantic, but very low water level)
  • (M) Into Santa Cruz
  • Walked through the Henry Cowell Redwood Forrest
  • Dinner at The Crow's Nest
  • The SantaCruz Boardwalk
  • Spent the night at The Bay Front Hotel

Sunday, 8/17

  • (L) moved over to the Harbor Lights Hotel in Capitola
  • spent the day at the beach and hotel
  • Lunch on the Capitola Pier
  • Dinner at the Paradise Beach on the deck.

Monday, 8/18

  • (M-N) Drove up the coast from Santa Cruz to San Francisco
  • (O) China Beach
  • Golden Gate was cold and windy.
  • Lunch in Sausalito at the marina
  • (P) Filbert Street...the next street over from famous "Lombard Street"
  • Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39
  • Sushi dinner back at the Nob Hill Motor Inn (Van Ness & Pacific)

Tuesday, 8/19

  • Crossed the Bay Bridge to Lafayette, CA and walked the Reservoir
  • (Q) drove to the top of Mount Diablo
  • Lunch at IHOP, Emoryville, right next to PIXAR studios
  • Spent the night at the Willwood Inn, Milbrae

Wednesday, 8/20

  • Flew from SFO back to Dulles


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