Steve's live rig ... a Larrivee D-05E dreadnought acoustic with a Fishman Blender pickup, a Line 6 300 (Classical), a Fender Telecaster (nashville setup) with Glaser B & G string-bender system, and a Variax 700 electric guitar into a Line 6 Floor POD (a pedal board with amplifier and effects modeling)...no stage amplifiers..except sometimes, his Telecaster into a Vox xt100...
...everything runs direct to the PA and stage monitors.
J. Kelleher plays a Line 6 Variax Bass guitar direct into the PA. When Mike Gauvreau or Andrew Jordan play, their Roland V-Drum (electric) kits goe direct into the PA and their own monitor as well. By everyone going direct into the PA, we can get the same drive and intensity at any volume.
What you hear is what you get

8 Miles High
I Don't Need No Doctor
The Lady Is A Tramp
Liza Jane
On and On
Amos Moses

Lazy Bones
Stop That Man
Holy Moly

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Lambert Hendricks & Roth (Steve/lead vox & $5 bill)
The Byrds (but blue grass)
Ray Charles/John Mayer
Frank Sinatra (Steve w/ The Exaggerations: Live)

Vince Gill
John Mayer

Stephen Bishop (Steve w/ The Exaggerations: Live)

Jerry Reed (Steve w/ The Exaggerations: Live)

...more samples are coming

Tracks from "Xing" (Steve Hudson)

YouTube @ The Birchmere


Hudson/Dupwe (live duo): Landslide
Watson!Hudson! (live): WatsonHudson.com

The Fabulous Exaggerations (live): TheExaggerations.com

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