Steve's live rig ... a Gibson J-45 dreadnought acoustic with a L.R.Baggs Anthem pickup system, a Line 6 300 (Classical), a Fender Telecaster (nashville setup) with Glaser B & G string-bender system, and a Fano Alt De Facto spc6 electric guitar into a mic-ed Vox AC15 or Vox VT120...except sometimes, his Vox VT20.
J. Kelleher plays a`62 fender Precision or his Line 6 Variax Bass guitar direct into the PA.
What you hear is what you get

Love Alive

8 Miles High
I Don't Need No Doctor
The Lady Is A Tramp
Liza Jane
On and On
Amos Moses

Lazy Bones
Stop That Man
Holy Moly

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Heart) Live at JVs with Cowboys & Hippies

Lambert Hendricks & Roth (Steve/lead vox & $5 bill)
The Byrds (but blue grass)
Ray Charles/John Mayer
Frank Sinatra (Steve w/ The Exaggerations: Live)
Vince Gill
John Mayer
Stephen Bishop (Steve w/ The Exaggerations: Live)
Jerry Reed (Steve w/ The Exaggerations: Live)
...more samples are coming

Tracks from "Xing" (Steve Hudson)

YouTube @ The Birchmere


Hudson/Dupwe (live duo): Landslide
The Fabulous Exaggerations (live): TheExaggerations.com

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