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Steve Hudson is carving himself into the funnybones of America as a blackbelt musician who has achieved a high degree of comic consciousness: he demonstrates just how dangerous a guitar and piano can be in the right hands.

Formerly based in Los Angeles, Steve has headlined popular West Coast and national comedy venues, hundreds of College concerts, and has been a regular guest on, as well as guest-hosted San Diego's only live morning television talk show, "Sun-Up San Diego" (KFMB-TV[CBS]), but his deft ability to mix comedy and music has made him a smash opener for Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, as well as comics Louis Anderson, Yakov Smirnoff, Harry Anderson, and Rodney Dangerfield. In addition, Steve remains a popular feature and M.C. at corporate shows for TWA, Continental Airlines, USAirways, John Alden Ins., to name a few, and has Emceed awards programs and benefit concerts.

Steve Hudson brings to the stage his genuine enthusiasm, smart & original comedy, and a serious musical ability that gives his performances an amazing 3-dimensionality.

Prior to being an admitted comedian, Steve was a much-requested studio & stage musician, versed in a variety of musical genre: Classics to Jazz, Rock to Rag, Wagon Train to Soul Train. He's played pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitars,piano, organ, synths, trombones, and dollar bills. 

Working with great DC area musicians and vocalists, Jeff Watson, Ed Lambert, Jan Davis, Lisa Taylor, Dana Connor, J. Kelleher, and Robbie Leebrick, and Michelle Dupwe, Steve has built a variety of band configurations: Lambert, Hudson, & Watson, Lambert, Hudson, & Davis, The Full Nelson, and The Fabulous Exaggerations.

His broad versatility, clear sense of instrument voicing, 
and the rhythms of ensemble performance, allow him to play with a fullness uncommon to many guitarists

As music-writer and producer, he has been involved in recording projects as varied as scoring & narrating a collection of Children's stories by author, Celeste White, to his own highly regarded, comedic music album, Pick of the Litter, and his ability is as natural and as beautifully timed as his comedy. 

Steve now brings his cerebral juggling act from the East coast and his native Washington, DC. He hasn't traveled all this way with his eyes closed, either.

He's stuck his hands into life, pulled out the funny stuff, and created a very digable art. 

At W.T. Woodson Highschool in 1968, in Fairfax, he was called Steve Doub, and his dad, Cyrus H. Doub was the principal of rival Fairfax High School...So after all those years of being "Mr. Doub's son, now, Cy is Steve Hudson's Dad.